Why hire us?

Lightning Tree Consulting specializes in offering clients the services of experienced and competent senior independent consultants. That being said, there are hundreds of consulting companies that do the same thing. What makes Lighting Tree Consulting different?

Lower Margins = Happier Consultants

Our consultants are focused on the needs of the clients and not on the business of consulting because we offer the lowest margins in the industry along with generous revenue sharing. Together, that gives our consultants the best possible business arrangements in the industry and focuses their attention on the needs of the client and not on looking for a better opportunity elsewhere. We believe that happier consultants will more often lead to satisfied clients.

True Independence

Our consultants all own their own independent consulting businesses and contract under the Lightning Tree banner because of our superior compensation plan and our collegial and cooperative environment. They also typically have strong and long-standing relationships with our collective clients. Unless a client is unhappy or issues arise, they won’t be subjected to calls or visits from Lightning Tree sales people looking to sell more work or other consultants. We also do not market any hardware or software products and thus you’ll never see a specific solution recommended because we or our consultants stand to benefit from a sale… you’ll only get strong and unbiased recommendations that come with hiring a true independent consultant.

Procurement Expertise

We have strong expertise in government procurement and often provide consulting expertise to clients in managing both small and large procurements of both professional services and products. That expertise allows us to also assist our prospective clients in identifying appropriate contracting mechanisms to fulfill their consulting needs.

A Strong Network of Expertise

While our consultants are all independent contractors, their affiliation with Lightning Tree Consulting gives them easy access to our entire network of expert consultants who can help to bring perspective, clarity and innovative solutions through sharing of information during networking functions and other company events. Our revenue sharing model allows all consultants to share in the success of the company and thus consultants are motivated to assist each other, share their knowledge, and provide more effective solutions to our collective clients.

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