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Retiree Consultant Transition

Given their depth of knowledge and breadth of contacts, former public servants and private-sector managers are often very well positioned to become independent consultants. There are many reasons that consulting can be an attractive segue into permanent retirement, including the following:

For individuals who enjoy keeping busy and keeping their minds occupied, consulting can replace full-time employment;

Consulting can provide earning opportunities to help enhance a lifestyle and/or build a larger retirement nest egg.

Consulting can provide flexible work arrangements: an individual may choose to work only during certain times of the year or only a few days a week.

Transitioning from full-time employment to additional complexity applies to recently retired public servants who wish to provide services back to their former employers. They typically must seek out companies like ours that have access to supply arrangements, standing offers, and other procurement mechanisms. They must also navigate through numerous rules about disclosing their status as former public servants while avoiding pension claw-backs. We are intimately familiar with all of these challenges and can help individuals chart a proven path through them. Being an independent consultant is not without its challenges. Individuals typically need to create a corporate structure, explore the tax and legal implications of consulting, and learn how to find and capitalize on opportunities to provide their services to their former employers or other clients.

We can help retirees transition to the world of independent consulting by,

  • Helping them evaluate their qualifications for independent consulting;
  • Assisting them in determining a suitable niche for their skills in the consulting marketplace;
  • Advising them on appropriate market standard rates for their expertise;
  • Providing industry-leading low margins for consultants who find their own consulting opportunities;
  • Providing insight and guidance into the steps involved in setting up an independent consulting business (see Independent Consulting 101);
  • Generously rewarding referrals of other retirees who may be following the same path to independent consulting; and,
  • Providing opportunities to build a strong and focused personal network to leverage the experience of our consultant base and find client opportunities.
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If you have any questions at all or would like more information on how Lightning Tree Consulting can help you transition to the world of independent consulting, please contact us at info@lightningtree.ca or visit our Contact Us page for more options.

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