Lightning Tree

Our History

Founded in 2002, Lightning Tree Consulting is an independently-owned firm providing management and technical consulting services to a wide range of organizations across Canada and around the world. We are based in Ottawa, Canada.

After a decade of providing traditional consulting services to a predominantly federal public service clientele, the company adopted a new business model that actively encourages bright minds in the consulting community to work together instead of competing against each other. And instead of generating profits for the bottom lines of larger consulting firms through which they sub-contract, our consultants work together to share revenues in an innovative co-operative environment.

Lightning Tree Consulting's founder with the namesake tree.
Story Behind

Our Name

We're often asked about the origins of our corporate name. The namesake tree is a 200 year old Douglas Fir that was struck by lightning in 1999 but remains as a landmark on the family property of our founder outside of Bozeman, Montana.

The Lightning Tree represents a strong business model that stands the test of time and continues to exert influence on the landscape even in the face of extreme adversity.

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