How can we do it?

We often get asked about how we can offer such stellar compensation arrangements for our consultants. The answer is simple:

Our Consultants Sell

We don't pay for a big sales staff as all of our consultants are seasoned and have extensive networks of clients. Their personal reputation and word-of-mouth is what brings us business.

Our Consultants Recruit

We don't pay a recruiter to find consultants to work with us. Our network of consultants and affiliates expands organically through our people recommending their trusted colleagues - and they are rewarded with additional revenue sharing opportunities for doing so.

We Have Minimal Overhead

We don't have big and expensive office space. Given the two points above, we don't have a large back-office staff and most of our consultants are on long-term contracts and work mostly at client sites. Thus we need far less office overhead than our competitors.

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