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Founded in 2002, Lightning Tree Consulting is based in Ottawa, Canada and is focused on bringing together a stellar network of experienced management and technology consultants in a revolutionary cooperative and revenue-sharing environment.

Our ground-breaking business model provides independent consultants with industry-leading low margins, consultant-friendly contract terms, and innovative revenue sharing and business-building opportunities. As a result, we provide clients with more motivated and more cost-effective consultants.

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Lower Margins = Happier Consultants.

True Independence.

Procurement Expertise.

A Strong Network of Expertise.


Lowest Transparent Margins in the Industry

Our base margin for opportunities that our independent consultants bring to us is 5%.

Generous Revenue Sharing

You might be able to negotiate a 5% margin with competing firms, but all of that 5% goes to their bottom line.

Business-Building Opportunities

Our low-margin approach and revenue sharing model strongly encourage our consultants to build their businesses alongside our business.

Access to Major Supply Arrangements

We provide our independent consultants with easy access to major supply arrangements that they might not be able to participate in independently.

A Collaborative Environment

Many consultant/consulting firm relationships are characterized by competing interests.


Our ground-breaking business model provides independent consultants with industry-leading low margins, consultant-friendly contract terms, and innovative revenue sharing and business-building opportunities.

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Meet our

Management Team

Ben Benoit

Founder and President

As the President of Lightning Tree Consulting, Ben Benoit is responsible for setting the overall direction of the company and also plays an active role in business development, recruiting, and human resource management.

Ben is a seasoned consultant with almost 20 years of broad experience consulting to both private and public sector organizations in Canada, the United States, South Korea and Egypt.

While he has a strong technology background, Ben's strength lies in his ability to help clients understand and manage the business, governance, and partnership ramifications of information technology projects.The focus of Ben's work has been the introduction of innovative technology solutions to address key business problems in leading public sector clients.

Paul Rodier

Vice-President and COO

As VP and COO, Paul is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the company. He brings a strong background in operations and management that has been developed over a career of more than 25 years in IT and business operations.

Paul has been VP of Sales in a consulting firm, Senior Manager in a large Management Consulting firm, VP of Operations in a Software firm, and has had many years as an independent consultant running his own business. Paul also has deep experience in providing management consulting and change management services to government clients and not-for-profit organizations in support of strategic planning, business operations, program development and implementations of a wide variety of IT and business solutions.

Paul was attracted to joining Lightning Tree Consulting by its innovative business model that links the firm, its clients, and its consultants, providing real benefits to all parties and meeting his personal expectations for strong people-focused business arrangements.

Nilufer Erdebil

Chief Innovation Officer

As Chief Innovation Officer, Nilufer is responsible for innovation at Lightning Tree Consulting. She is an award-winning leading innovation and design thinking expert with a range of experience in telecommunications, application development, project management & information technology management. She has over 20 years of experience working with both private and public-sector organizations.

Nilufer holds a B. Eng in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Queen’s University. In 2016, she received the Canadian Women in Communications and Technology Leadership Award and in 2014, she was awarded the Ottawa Business Journal Forty Under 40 Award.

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